Thursday, April 28, 2011

Atlanta: Not Progressive--But Working On It!

Although I insist that Atlanta isn't as progressive as it should be, I shouldn't be such a cynic when it comes to the politics of the city. Politics are only what the citizens make them; if the citizens aren't voting in their best interests, then their best interests will not be represented.

Since the Eagle raid, the APD has appointed two new GLBT liaisons.  According to sources, Brian Sharp and Patricia Powell have been very active in confronting the concerns of the GLBT community.

Also, the APD has formed a 9 member GLBT advisory board.  According to the new Chief of Police,
George Turner, "One of my priorities on becoming chief was to 
repair the relationships and build the trust we had lost in various communities over the years...We recognize the importance of the GLBT community all over Atlanta, and want to make sure we are listening to their concerns."

Recently, a landmark decision was made by the Chief Turner to train ALL of the APD officers (and civilian employees) on LGBT issues.  This training will be a constant and yearly effort to make sure all of the APD staff is prepared to properly deal with situations that have not been dealt with before.

Bravo to the Mayor, the Chief of Police, and all of the people involved in making these important changes happen.

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