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Everyone seems to have a personal opinion on what "gay" means--how one becomes gay, whether or not its a sin in God's eyes, etc.  In the past 40 years, the understanding of homosexuality has changed dramatically--and it is still changing, due to scientific and social research.  I would like to make sure everyone knows the facts about gays before they end up saying something stupid to the wrong person.
So let me break it down for you.

Michael Jackson wasn't gay.  Why is this important? Because some people (and in my experience college professors) have it in their heads that if a man molests a boy, that makes him gay.  There is NOTHING gay or straight about child molestation.  Homosexuality and heterosexuality is based upon and attraction between two people with developed sex organs--sexual deviants such as child molesters are not engaging in adult sexuality.  And, just so you know, male child molesters are almost NEVER homosexual when it comes to their adult attractions.

Although I am sure in some instances a decision could be made to label one's self gay, this doesn't mean it's a choice.  Gay people are born gay.  Recent discoveries have proven that the sexuality of a person is determined in the womb--which is also the case for animals.  Ask yourself these questions:
1. Can a child's relationship with his parents--whether it be bad or good, abusive or smothering--lead to the child becoming gay?
2. Can homosexuality stem from a fear or hatred of the opposite sex--is it a matter of not developing a healthy understanding of the opposite sex?
3. Would a child that is sexually molested be more likely to become gay?
The answer to all of these questions is NO.  This is not a matter of opinion, this is a matter of fact.

Scientists have discovered that homosexuality is sort of a biological means of population control--and not just in size, but in structure.  Take sheep for instance: 10% of sheep are gay.  Why? Because when a heard of sheep becomes a certain size, the female body senses that it may not be able to sustain itself if it were to grow too large.  So they produce offspring that are less likely to have sexual relations with sheep of the opposite sex.  Crazy, huh?  The same thing goes for humans!  The human female's chance of having a gay baby boy is 3%.  If she were to have another boy, the chance would increase to 4%.  And the next boy she has will have a 5% chance of being gay.   Its kind of odd--but it makes sense.

Scientists have been studying the human body and brain in relation to sexual orientation.   Gay men tend to go through puberty earlier than straight men.  Gay men are also more prone to having maternal instincts.  Gays are much more likely to be artists, poets, writers, and musicians.  Gay men are 31% more likely to be left-handed--where as gay women are 91% more likely to be left-handed.  They have found that gay men's brains have much more in common with the straight female brain--even our fingerprints are more alike!

Because this country (and the world) is run by straight men, the definition of gay heavily depends on what straight men believe.  Unfortunately for men, this leaves them very little room to wiggle within their sexuality.  Because straight guys tend to like the idea of two girls having sex, when a woman has sexual relations with another women--especially in a college setting, or around alcohol--they are considered "freaky" or "kinky".  If a man were to have sexual relations with another man--even if its only once, and without penetration--he would be considered gay from that point on.   "GAY" is passed out like a sentence or a judgement by people that are made uncomfortable by the thought of gay sexual relations.  If a gay man were to have sex with a women (and believe me, they do), their gay friends are going to label them "STRAIGHT" because of it--I would just say he likes having sex with girls sometimes.
Funny thing is: homophobes tend to pretty gay on the inside.

Just because a guy hooks up with another guy does NOT make them gay.  Sure, they are participating in a homosexual act, but they are not subscribing to the gay label just by doing so.  Its all pretty silly because most people have some sexual experimentation with members of the same sex--its just that men don't like to talk about it, and women aren't judged for it.  Ironically, it is considered abnormal to NOT have an attraction to the same sex.  I know it may sound crazy, but I have known many straight men that like to get down with other men from time to time.  Its not like they want to date them, or cuddle with them, or go shopping with them--its more like they enjoy getting off with someone like them from time to time.  Sure, I know what you are thinking: "well then that makes them bisexual."
Perhaps you are right, but it is up to the individual to take on that label if they see it necessary.  The only people I know to be self-admittedly bisexual are those that like to date both sexes.

America is having a tough time with coming to terms with its homosexual population--just because Will and Grace was on primetime, and Patrick Swayze played a drag queen, and Kevin Spacey won an Academy Award, doesn't mean this country is accepting of gays.  In case you didn't know this: gays are in the middle of a civil rights movement.  In many ways, things are getting better for us.  In many other ways, things are getting worse.  We have been in the middle of this fight for our rights since the civil rights movement of the 60's--and now we stand without our revolutionary counterparts to fight for our rights as a minority in the face of danger and ridicule.

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