Sunday, May 29, 2011


This week I wanted to have a different voice on a particular subject.  I asked my friend Bernard Jackson to tell me what he thinks about Black Gay Pride.  His response was a broad and poignant understanding of this event.

Gay America seams to be okay with having a marginalized community. Feeling less part of the whole gay community  in participation, organization and administration blacks and other ethnic groups hold there own pride festivals.  There was also the social, cultural, economic and political factors that prohibit all cultures full participation in the gay community movement.

The Black Gay pride was born when a small number of friends decided to gather at the beach Los Angeles in 1988 for an event known as ATB "At The Beach". Understanding the strong rejection of the larger black community, due to strong family structure, cultural and religious factor, many refused to be seen while others yearned to celebrate and enjoy their identity as black gay men. ATB was held several miles away from the city at Dunes Beach. The success of this even eventually started a movement that grew to be know as Black Gay Pride. Today Black Gay Prides is well established in over 30 cities in the United States with events that unite and bring together black lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered people to celebrate both their African heritage and sexual orientation.

There are those who wonder why there is such a thing as black gay pride.  Why can’t we all be one voice and stand united. The truth is were not united. Being gay in America means different things for different people. Wearing it as a badge has different ramifications for those who pick up the banner of “gaydom” and decide to run with it.  Not every one wants gay marriage nor is it the biggest issue in the gay community. If there was more cohesion within the community there would be more healing. For gay America to be one voice America has to be one voice. Unfortunately I don’t see this happening anytime soon.

It’s important to see communicate and fellowship with others who have similar experiences, mindset and understanding. Internationally we’ll all americans. Internally we sub divide ourselves, our friendships and our communities. Our bars are sub divided into categories, where we choose to live and congregate gets sub divided. Its part of being American.

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  1. This person seams to know and understand that the gay political movement still is not all inclusive.