Friday, May 20, 2011



Most people think of straight dudes when they think of sports.  You know, masculine men that curse and chew dip and scratch their crotch with a mean look on their face.  This makes sense.  I understand that most people don't think of gay guys when they think of a football player, or an NBA star, or one of the Atlanta Braves.  Although major sports culture usually doesn't vocally support the gay community, gays love their sports!  We have gay sports bars, gay sporting leagues, and even the gay olympics!

In Atlanta (as well many other major cities) there thousands of gays involved in gay sports leagues--GAY RUGBY, GAY TENNIS, GAY WATER POLO AND SWIMMING, GAY SOCCER, GAY SOFTBALL, GAY VOLLEYBALL--even GAY RODEO!  There are teams of gays in every sport you can think of.

Now, try and consider sports from my point of view.  When I think of sports, I think of a team of dudes.  These dudes play hard, sweat a lot, grab their crotches and spit.  They share a locker room, wear jockstraps, and smack each other on the ass for encouragement....who cares if they are straight?  That sounds about as gay as you can get.  Don't even get me started on the Boy Scouts.

I grew up watching action flicks, playing sports and going to watch other people play them, hollering for my favorite American Gladiators and professional wrestlers--Jake the Snake lived right around the corner from me where I grew up!  This didn't make me straight--in fact, I think these things helped me understand my sexuality better.  Gays and straights like a lot of the same things.  Straight guys don't really stop to think why gays (other than just being a fan) could enjoy these types of things.  They also don't stop to consider how much their attraction to the same sex plays into their love of muscular, sweaty, grunting men that beat each other up for fun.  I will leave that topic for another time.

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